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Wednesday, March 29, 2006

*.* Freedom *.*

You may think that it means to be free to do ANYTHING u want, especially doing the wrong things... But actually what it really means is that we will have group interest over self-interest, have the right to ask others to maintain our school values and image, understand that while we have the freedom of speech, we will not use it to hurt others and also, will not destroy public property as others have the freedom to use it.

Unlike a bird in the sky,
i'm restricted to the world.
ever longing for freedom,
fobidden to excel.
living in darkness,
i long to be free.
i search for the light
oh lord, help me from this plight.

Unlike a bird in a cage,
i'm released to the world.
unlike a lion in the zoo,
i'm roaming in the wild.
like an angel in the sky,
i am pure and holy.
like a dove in god's presence,
i'm free to the world.

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