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Tuesday, March 28, 2006

*.* True meaning of Truth *.*

It is to speak the truth even when it hurts. Not to ever cheat, copy or tell tales by adding chilli and tomato ketchap into the real situation. Most importantly, it is to have the humility to admit our mistakes when in wrong.

There were two boys taking a math exam.
one was John, the other was Mark.
Mark did not study for the exam,
so being good friends with John,
who was sitting next to him, he decided to pass a paper to him asking the answer for one of the questions when the teacher was not looking.
John took the paper and wrote something on it.
as Mark took the paper back, he read these words,
"Honesty is the answer, don't depend on me, but solely on yourself, speak the truth, and for goodness sake! Start revising! It's never too late."

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